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Monday, April 03, 2006

It wasn't supposed to be like this...

Another reposting of a comment I made: This is in response to the frequent tactic of supporters of the Iraq invasion/occupation/disaster that (paraphrasing) "A least things are better than they were under Saddam Hussein".

As unimpressive an accomplishment as that is, it's all they can really claim to have achieved; a country falling apart at the seams that's at least a little better than when the worst dictator in that region was running things.

Just think, a few years ago Iraq was going to be a shiny new model for the rest of the Middle East and now it makes the political situation of other Middle Eastern countries and their governments (which are pretty awful by any rational standards) look good by comparison.

I really don't think George W. Bush is stupid, it takes somebody with a pretty high level of (horribly misapplied) intelligence to fuck things up this royally and thoroughly.